Dog Hammocks

Yesterday I had to purchase a new car and the first thing I thought about was, how do I protect this new car from my beasts?  Which introduced me to the world of seat covers.  Last night I spent about an hour on-line looking up seat covers and seat hammocks.  It’s a whole new world out there.duragear_hammock

I finally decided on the Bowser Seat Hammock because it has flap that also protects the arm rest in the backseat.  My first choice was actually a nifty design by Duragear (see right) that allows you put down one side  if need be.  It also has pockets for water and balls and stuff, but no arm rest protection.  It was tough call because I really liked those pockets, but I went with the most protection.

bowser The Bowser came in several atrocious colors and I went with houndstooth.  As you can see by the camouflage motif on the left, it was a lose-lose situation.  Hopefully I went with the lesser of the evils, which was another negative in the Bowser box.  Why all the terrible prints?  They had paisley, camo, houndstooth, and a grey marble look that reminded me of Dracula’s crypt.  What’s wrong with plain-old khaki or grey like the Duragear guys make?

I have my fingers crossed that this hammock situation works out, but I have a strong feeling that I sacrificed a lot of style for that extra Bowser protection.  I hope my new arm rests appreciate what I’m going through for them.  In the meantime, Lucky and I (that’s her name I think, my new car) will just have to put-put along without the dogs.  They can ride in the Prius until protection arrives.


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  1. Harry

    New car? I guess the Lex was totaled?

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