New Moon = New Craze = Midnight Sun Is Coming

Teenagers (and okay, let’s admit it, adults too) are already getting reared up for the release of Stephanie Meyer’s New Moon adaptation.  The Internet is filled with photos, blogs, interviews, and articles about who’s doing what and (ahem) whom.

Example of Evidence #1:  

But let’s not forget that there’s a whole other series out there, just waiting to be written.  Midnight Sun, the tale of Edward’s experience, was first leaked to the press about a year ago.  Fans everywhere got excited and then disappointed when the project was put on hold.  Word on the street was that S. Meyer had said she couldn’t do it because too much had been posted on the Internet.  I never looked for the chapters, but evidently they were out there in www-land.  Stephanie Meyer addresses theft of Midnight Sun

And then I did look and I found the first chapter…are you ready?  Are you sure??  Okay, here it is…

Midnight Sun – Chapter One

I haven’t even read it yet myself, so feel free to let me know what you think.


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  1. m

    It’s Twilight from Edward’s perspective……

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