The Gnews (Or Not So Much)

The good news today reads as follows:

  1. Hollywood is making a remake of Footloose, the Kevin Bacon movie I talked about only weeks ago.  First of all, I’m so tired ochance_crawford_101507_02-thumbf the remakes.  Second of all, I don’t care if it is Chance Crawford who’s going to sing and dance the lead, Kevin Bacon will always be my Footloose and Fancy Free hero.
  2. And in Ohio, things are heating up.  53 year-old Randall Turner was tired of the city mowing the edges of his property in Circleville, and took matters into his own hands.  The next time the operator came out, Turner whipped out his handgun and fired shots at the tractor in an attempt to kill the beast.  Unfortunately, the tractor, a machine made of metal, was undamaged by Turner’s outburst.  The operator however, was hit in the head.
  3. 24-year-old Jason Detora made the gnews this week when he decided to get down and dirty in a police restroom.  Detora and his girlfriend were waiting at the Gloucester Township station (New Jersey) with DUI charges when Detora went into the bathroom and had some private time on the floor.  Afterwards he took his private time (ie: feces) and smeared it all over the walls and floor.  And when that wasn’t enough, he set fire to the TP and papertowels.  I don’t care how drunk you are, that’s just plain old nasty.
  4. If you’re thinking about skipping out on jury duty any time soon, don’t.  A 25 year-old man in Hillsboro, Orgegan couldn’t take it any more and left the court house to go home.  The judge issued a warrant for his arrest and the poor man is now being charged with contempt of court.  When police picked him up at home and asked why he left jury duty, the man explained that he was bored.
  5. In American Idol last night it was the battle of the boys with screaming Adam Lambert against Tiny Cute Guitar Guy.American Idol Both did well, but I predict a win for Adam Lambert.  Tiny Cute Guitar Guy just didn’t seem to sparkle the way Adam did.  He’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a singing competition and that Adam guy can really sing.  Although, if the popularity vote is what does it, then Tiny Cute Guitar Guy may pull it off on his Tiny Cute looks alone.  You’ll notice that his wife doesn’t get brought up anymore.  I didn’t vote, but my money’s on Adam.  We’ll see tonight.

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