American Idol, the Final Chapter

Last night I dragged myself home from work with a pounding headache.  I made myself a Trader Joe’s pizza, fed the dogs, and turned on American Idol.  It’s the first season of the competition I’ve ever watched.  I don’t rush home to see it, but if I’m home and if I remember, I watch them sing…or I cheat and watch the recap at the end.  Either way, I like it.

Last night was the final chapter before Adam whatever-his-name-is takes home the gold idol.  If you don’t know who I’m talking about, he’s the one with the painted fingernails and the punk, black hair.  The reason why Tuesday night’s show was so intense was because it was the last chance for Dannie Midwest or Tiny Cutie Guitar Guy to give one another a run for the money for silver.  Although I personally like Dannie Midwest better, it’s my prediction that on tonight’s show, he’ll be sent back to Milwaukee with the bronze.  Tiny Cutie Guitar Guy is just…more cute.  The minute he sang Kanye West’s ‘Heartless’ on his acoustic guitar to Dannie Midwest’s wrenching rendition of Joe Cocker’s ‘You’re So Beautiful’ I knew it was a done deal.  What teenager (the majority of voters) has ever heard of Joe Cocker?  Tiny Cutie Guitar Guy made a clever, relevant choice to show that while he doesn’t have the pipes that Danny Midwest does, it doesn’t matter because he’s Tiny Cutie Guitar Guy after all.

Adam whatever-his-name-is will most likely steal the gold from Tiny Cutie Guitar Guy in the finale…unless Tiny Cutie Guitar Guy gets enough teenage girls to not care who’s the better singer.  If Tiny Cutie Guitar Guy can use his powers of cuteness to make enough girls dream about kissing him (that’s what all the signs in the crowd say when he sings), then Adam whatever-his-name-is will be beaten.  But at the end of the day, we all know who really deserves it so it doesn’t matter what those hormone-fueled teenage girls do.  Adam whatever-his-name-is is going to be a big, big star.  I’m just sad for Danny Midwest because of all the contestants, I liked him the best; he seems like a great guy.idol-non-spoil

American Idol predictions:

  • Adam whatever-his-name-is…GOLD
  • Tiny Cutie Guitar Guy…Silver
  • Danny Midwest…bronze


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2 responses to “American Idol, the Final Chapter

  1. megan

    I think it will be a major “upset” for Adam the worst haircut ever guy. He is hard to relate to for a lot of people…me being one. Seems like he would diddle a stranger. I wish he dressed more like Jack from Will and Grace, you know, paints hemmed at the ankle and highly polished bucks. Then he would be my flying fav. Otherwise I am going to go for Cute guitar guy one and Danny sad guy two. I want him to do well cause he just lost his wife. Although I noticed he took off his wedding ring last night…what does that mean?

  2. Harry

    I don’t know what any of that stands for.

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