The Joys of Shopping

Every time I get the chance to go shopping, I get a little thrill.  Not like grocery store shopping, although I’m sure foodies out there would disagree, but pretty much everything else.  Perhaps it’s the cave woman in me or a latent competitiveness, but I take great pride in my gathering.  For the right dress, the right lamp, the right gift…I’m like an Olympian.  My mother is no different and when the two of us are together on one of our mother-daughter trips, it’s like a movie on fast-forward.  Zip-Zip-Zip.  We shop from the crack of dawn until dinner time and although there are some days when we come home with nothing, we are no less content.  Those are our fact gathering days and they are just as valuable as our actual purchasing days.

Fact gathering for shopping is a crucial element.  I’m not discounting the thrill of spontaneous purchasing, but sometimes reconnaissance is necessary.  Who wants to buy a plain old, little black dress when with a little leg work you can have a fabulous, little black dress?  I do a lot of undercover work online and as a result, some of my best shopping is done from the comfortable cushions of my own couch. 

People always ask me about my shopping habits and so today I’m going to share some of my favorite sites with all of you:

  1. Vivre is originally a luxury magazine turned website.  It’s a lifestyle and although most of the merchandise is incredibly expensive, I go here for ideas, colors, and textures.
  2. Net-A-Porter is a website for fashionistas.  The runway looks, the newest trends, and the best designers.  Browsing this site is like an afternoon spent in Barney’s, Neimans, and Saks; it has it all with none of the legwork.
  3. Which brings me to the big three: Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Barney’s.  I’ve put them in order of which I like best to least.
  4. Revolve.  I know there are a lot of online shoppers who like eluxuryand Pink Mascara, but I’m a Revolve gal.  In my opinion, it’s the easiest site to navigate.  If you find something, you can always cross-reference something with the other sites to see which store has it for the best price.
  5. And last, but definitely not least is Shop Bop.  The site is as cute as the name with lots of designers to choose from and a selection that’s larger than Revolve, but smaller than Net-A-Porter.

Hope that helps all of you ladies out there who are just starting to put together your summer wardrobe.  And remember, you only need a few keys pieces to make a statement.  We are in a recession afterall.  Recycle, recycle, recyle!  Except if it’s just horrid, in which case donate, donate, donate!


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