The BaaaStuds

Sometimes I have to share a little viral amazement with you, just because.  My cousin sent this to me just the other day and let’s be honest, most of the mass emails we get these days are rubbish.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been to Scotland (you can’t blow your nose over there without hitting a sheep) or maybe it’s because I know a dog named Taz who was born to run around and herd, but this video really amused me.  And so I’ll share it with you…it comes from a group in Wales who call themselves the BaaaStuds.  And yes, it’s real. 



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3 responses to “The BaaaStuds

  1. m

    OMG! I love it! I wish Taz could see it so he could realize his potential. Thanks for sharing this

  2. T$

    I’m your cousin!?

  3. Rich

    Stop it. Seriously. . . just . . . speechless. I think I’ve been wasting my time on this earth.

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