Feliz Cinco De Mayo y Otras Cosas Importantes (no realmente)

may-2-2009-001Por que hoy es el Cinco de Mayo, un dia famosa por las cosas Espanol, escribo en la lingua.  Y aqui esta:  Gato feliz.  Perro purpura.  Un hombre con pantalones grandes es circa la casa.  Su esposa es loca, mas o menos.  Y el espanol es acabado.  Bueno.

Welcome back, gringos!  Today’s blog will be brought to us by the letter C for Cinco de Mayo and Can’t Speak Spanish.  Enjoy.

On the 5th of May, the day of margaritas and cervesas, sombreros and salsas, there’s only one thing on my mind, Hank.  This week Hank is 3 months and 1 week old…and 27 pounds.  I don’t mean to brag (yes I do), but people come up to us and go crazy.  Hank is one handsome little dude.  As you can see, he takes his picture-snapping very seriously.  He’s like that super-skinny Spice Girl who never smiles for the paparazzi.may-5-2009-001







On Saturday Hanky Panky got his third and final vaccine, and on Sunday morning we went to the dog park bright and early.  We’d been there for only a short time when a circle of 4 Boxers and 2 other bullies circled our baby and attacked.  Hank tried to get away, but he couldn’t so he crouched in a ball on the ground and cried.  Sam jumped in and pulled the dogs away.  Sam got bit, but Hank was fine.  The bad Boxers weren’t cowed and went on to terrorize a German Shephard.  Finally the man who owned the plaground bullies left and peace was restored.  Hank spent the remainder of our time at the park wrestling with a Shih Tzu named Spencer.

Someday Hank is going to be able to put those Boxers in their place, but until then I think I’ll keep him in the small dog area.  Here are some pictures taken this morning when we woke up.  We still can’t tell what kind of breed he is; a mix of something cute and cuter for sure.  may-5-2009-003  may-5-2009-004Feel free to write in with your thoughts if you like, we’re taking bets on what he is and how big he’ll turn out.


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One response to “Feliz Cinco De Mayo y Otras Cosas Importantes (no realmente)

  1. Harry

    what a maniac! Soon he will be the biter instead of the bitee. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and he is most likely a mix of spanish water dog and dalmation.

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