Healthy Choices

I came home yesterday and was treated to a full dinner sitting on the stove.  Beside it was a note reading ‘Dogs Are Fed.’  I looked at my two dogs…had they done this?

Steamed broccoli, baked brussel sprouts, and teriyaki chicken; with each bite it became more and more delicious.  On the bonus side, it was healthy.  On the bonus, bonus side, I hadn’t had to cook it.  Let’s be honest here, after a full day the last thing any of us want to do is cook a meal.  Forget steaming broccoli and slicing up brussel sprouts.  More like pick up the phone and order Chinese and even that’s too much effort sometimes. 

I look at women I admire (shape-wise at least) and wonder how they do it.  How do they make good choices all of the time?  And while some of them have fancy chefs who cook their meals out of dried seaweed and sweet potatos, not all of them do.  Some of them just have that thing…that thing I keep hearing about, but don’t really understand.  It’s called ‘Will Power.’  Whatever that means.  Will Power?  How about Won’t Power?  How about Don’t Forget To Tun Off The Lights Power because electricity is expensive these days?

Summer is just around the corner, folks and we all know what that means…skimpy clothing.  There’s nothing worse than a pair of thunder thighs booming out of too-tight shorts.  Trust me, I know this from personal experience.  Slim and trim, slim and trim.  Luckily, baggy dresses are still in style for women; you men are stuck with form-fitting Lacoste shirts.  So today, just today, make healthy choices.  We’ll deal with tomorrow tomorrow.  And if it’s really really hard to say no to that beer after work or those M&M’s at about 4pm, just pinch an inch and tell yourself, “Today I will not make this mound of fat any bigger.  Today I will eat and drink like the healthy person I’m trying to be!”


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