Birds, Pigs, and Other Farmyard Killers

First it was the Bird Flu.  People scrambled to get vaccines, to stock up on cures that might just save their lives.  It was the killer that was going to get us all.  Bird Flu, <gasp!>, it was the next big epidemic.  If it had been a terrorist warning, it would’ve been Code Orange or Red or whatever the scariest code is that they use to keep us in line.

Now it’s all about pigs.  Swine Flu.  It’s going to kill us all.  Health organizations around the world are preparing for the ‘largest influenza pandemic in over 40 years’ and warning people to get ready.  This isn’t Bird Flu, it’s Swine Flu.  Bigger animal, bigger problem.  As we speak, vaccines are being made, face masks are being slipped into place, and people with obsessive compulsive disorder are rejoicing.  Finally another opportunity for them to wash their hands 100x’s a day without being noticed!

Watch me now get it (oink, oink, oink), but if you ask me, I’m not getting worked up about a little pork.  If they told me it was elephant flu or great white shark flu, T-Rex flu maybe…well then, I’d jump on the bandwagon.  Until then though, I’m a strict vegetarian.

Here’s a little eye of the tiger to keep you brave.  Tiger Flu, now that would be something.   



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2 responses to “Birds, Pigs, and Other Farmyard Killers

  1. mary

    that was nice but who’s the cutie with the guitar

  2. Harry

    who cares about the swine flu when I can’t get rid of these allergies.

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