The Mysterious Millionaire

Victor Vargas.  Victor Vargas from Venezuela.  Victor Vargas from Venezuela owns Lechuza Caracas, a polo team that just had 21 of its beautiful horses drop dead at the U.S. Open polo tournament in Wellington, Florida; spectators got much more than they bargained for.  Authorities are investigating who killed the animals and in the interim, the mysterious Victor Vargas has captured my eye.


   Victor Vargas (seen here second from the left) is an intriguing guy.  His son is dead (bacterial infection), his daughter is married to a man who is both the cousin of  King Juan Carlos (of Spain) and the great-grandson Franco (Spanish dictator Franco), and his business dealing are…shady, unclear, smart, secretive, and the opposite of straightforward.  As a result, Vargas has amassed a fortune that includes 6 homes around the world (the Palm Beach estate alone is worth 70 million), planes, yachts, and a polo team with only 5 horses currently alive.  Time Magazine wrote fascinating article about him today:  Time Magazine Article

I’ll be doing a little more research on this curiously wealthy Victor Vegas who seems to rise above fraud charges, political maneuvering, and 21 dead horses time and time again.  If you ask me, somebody killed the horses to send a message.  Has no one seen The Godfather?


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