Is That You, Hank?

Hank the Tank turns 3 months old this week and I can barely recognize him!  A whopping 24 pounds, our baby has gained 10 pounds since we brought him home 3 1/2 weeks ago.  As for inches, well I’m not sure, but he’s sprouting like a weed.  His little legs are becoming like tree trunks.

Everyday I wake up and Hank looks different.  Case in point: Pictures 1,2, and 3 were taken 2 weeks ago. 

Picture 1.memphis-and-hank-071







Picture 2.memphis-and-hank-072

Picture 3.memphis-and-hank-075

And now for Pictures 4 and 5 which were taken 1 week later.  I’ve chosen full-length body shots so you can see just how much he’s grown.  Look at his legs; they’re twice as long as they were.  We’re still trying to figure out exactly what he is, but people left and right are telling us they see the mastiff in him.  And then other people say he won’t be that big at all; 80 pounds max.  We have no idea.

Picture 4.hank-and-wine-0071 







Picture 5. hank-and-wine-0145

And just so you don’t think I’ve forgotten my princess….here’s Kiki Wonder in all her glory, snoozing away per usual.  I have to say though, she and Hank wrestle 18 hours of the day and 9 times out of 10, Kiki comes out on top.  He’s put a whole step of pep into her life.  She’s like a new Kiki Wonder, but cuter of course.  Always cuter…hank-and-wine-003hank-and-wine-015hank-and-wine-005



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3 responses to “Is That You, Hank?

  1. Hi Hank!!!

    yur kute! i’m tank…yer mommee visitd my blog tooday!!


  2. Hi Hank!!

    Yur kute!! I’m tank and yur mommee visited my blog tooday…thank yoo!!!

  3. megan

    Hmm…what are you feeding him? I wonder if I eat what Hank eats my legs will double in length? Also, let me know if you notice his ass getting thinner, cause we may be on to something here…

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