Beware: Internet TV, It’s Addictive!

There are things I should be doing.  Many things.  Lists of things.  My car needs maintenance.  My toenails look like a tree monkey’s.  I have an outline sitting on my desk, waiting for an ending.  But yesterday I didn’t do any of them.  Yesterday I watched Internet TV.

Warning:  The following material can be addictive and harmful for your health if having a wide-load rear isn’t on your agenda!

Let’s begin with ABC.  ABC has a full episode player that after a quick download allows you to watch all of your favorite programs.  It’s easy to use and very viewer friendly.  I give this channel 3 thumbs up for it’s new cop drama, Castle.  Like the old Moonlighting show with Sybil Shepard and Bruce Willis, it’s got lots of sexual chemistry.  I didn’t mind Cupid either and of course all the big hitters like Grey’s Anatomy are there too.     ABC

CBS is another story.  Not a lot on this site and a bit hard to use.  The Mentalist, a show I’ve seen in the past on real TV isn’t accessible to internet users.  What’s that about?  There are a lot of other shows though, so I’m sure that some of you might think you’ve hit TV gold.  CSI, Cold Case, How I Met Your Mother; if these shows are your cup of tea then CBS is the tea jackpot.   Another positive for CBS is the no downloading thing.  Unlike ABC, everything you want to watch is yours on CBS without a player.  2 thumbs up.     CBS

NBC is a good site in my opinion, but that might just be because I have a thing for the guy who plays Chuck on Chuck.  All in all however, it’s a user friendly website except for Saturday Night Live.  Watching clips from that show is like waiting for a train to come in the middle of nowhere; frustrating and time consuming.  But SNL seems to be the only show that has problems.  The rest of the programming gives you not only different episodes to choose from, but also points in each episode (that you can skip to) in case you’ve already watched part of it.  Plus, the commercials seem slightly less frequent than on ABC.  ABC has about six 30 second commercials, NBC seems to have fewer.   3 thumbs up.    NBC

Last, but not least, we have FOX.  The Fox website is pretty good.  Not as flashy as ABC, but not as slow as CBS either.  I’d put it at about the same place as NBC or maybe a knuckle less.  I’ll give it 2 thumbs up and a knuckle.  The good news about FOX is that they have this new show called Lie to Me.  I am fascinated by the premise of finding the truth through facial expressions.  I must be like a walking book of answers the way I gesticulate.  And for those of you who are 24 and Fringe junkies, Fox has them too.    FOX

Tune in tomorrow for my take on HBO and Showtime.  Until then, happy watching and don’t say I didn’t warn you!  It’s addictive.


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  1. birdsofsausalito

    Can you please start twittering? More than anyone else in the world, I’d love to hear your second-to-second thoughts…

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