Spring Break Sucks

I’m on Spring Break right now and it just isn’t what it used to be.  I envisioned myself on a lounge chair in Mexico, sunbathing and eating fresh fish 24/7.  I’d come back tan, thin, and relaxed.  I’d be rejuvenated and ready to start my engines full-throttle.  People would say, “Where have you been?  You look great!”  And I’d smile modestly.  “Oh, just a little place called Meh-hee-co.”  

But life doesn’t always turn out like how you plan it to…

This morning I spent my first half-hour of consciousness using two plastic bags to find all of Hank’s potty in the backyard.  I found twelve.  There was no prize.  Then I shuffled up and down the street in front of my house because it was time for the dogs to do their morning constitutional.  I didn’t wear sunblock that smells like coconut and my outfit in no way resembled the cute dresses I had mentally packed for Mexico.  Finally,  after checking to see how many appointments I have today (2), I made a pot of coffee and sat down here to write my blog.  Again, nothing like sleeping in on a high thread-count bed with a warm Mexican breeze floating in throughthe windows…

“Cafe con leche por favor.”  I whisper sleepily into the phone.       “Por supesto, senorita.”  Room service answers warmly.  “Esta lista en cinco minutos.” 

Right about now I’d give almost anything to be on a real spring break.  This adult stuff stinks.


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  1. m

    With your students ON spring break, why o why can’t you be on spring break? ah, the confines of pet ownership…you should find a nice young lady as I did for years who will stay at your house while you (me) are on the beach reading novels in bora bora. but, the spring break thingy really applies to parents of school age children. thus, I have no more spring break either. I could meet you somewhere for a mojito or margarita tho.

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