I Love You Man

Last night four of us went to the movies to see the bromance between Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.  After having seen Duplicity last weekend, which only scored a point or two lower than I Love You Man on Metacritic my favorite movie website, I had very low expectations.  Duplicity was like a sandwich with no turkey, no cheese, and no tomato.  Just two slices of bread and a piece of lettuce with some mustard that left me hungry and wanting more.

So when my cousin came to town and said he’d like to see I Love You Man I warned him that it might be really, really bad.  Boy was I wrong.  Paul Rudd plays an endearing, but seriously uncomfortable man with no man friends.  Most of the movie is spent cringing in pain as you watch him try to bond with his new pals.  Only Sydney however, manages to not hate him and the two start up an unusual friendship that’s part animals gone wild and part bad first date on Groundhogs Day.  To better explain this strange, yet beautfiul man love is my cousin…wellie-fight1

Thanks for the intro Sara.  Hello everyone and in advance, you’re welcome. 

I Love You Man was better than expected and produced several belly laughs sprinkled throughout the movie.  The kind of laughs that when you really let go, you get a little worried that the 80,000 ounces of diet coke and pretzel you just bought might make a guest appearance on the floor of the theatre…but you let go and laugh anyway because it was that damn funny.  (Side note: the pretzels at the Landmark, while seriously delicious, resemble something that might be pulled out of a toilet.  (Sorry, Sara)  Go get one and you’ll immediately think to yourself  “Well that makes sense.”  Kind of like when you found out that Clay Aiken was gay.) 

Paul Rudd was fantastic and dialed in just enough awkward to have you cheering for him.   His run-on phone messages were the best; believable with just the right amount of painful.   While I always have trouble differentiating Jason Segal from the sackless wonder (Sorry again, Sara) he plays on How I Met Your Mother, he was really charismatic and funny.  Segel did a great job of being “that guy.”  The guy that drinks a beer at noon, poops with the door open and then yells at you to change the channel, and calls to ask you to go to the driving range with him when he knows that you’re working.  This is the same guy who guys love, but women can’t stand because of the attention stealing…you know who you are, dude.

In closing, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and give it three thumbs up.  What’s that you say…I don’t have three thumbs?  My wife would argue that my third thumb is actually my big toe, but that’s a story for another blog.


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