Thaumaturgy: Twilight -vs- Harry Potter

Thaumaturgy: The performance of miracles or magic.  Yesterday I had an interesting conversation about magic and movies with a 16 year old I know.  She agreed with me that while movies allow for a thaumaturgy that the masses can visualize and thus understand, the real magic of stories is found within the pages of books.  The imagination creates a picture beyond anything that celluloid can produce as witnessed in the re-watching of TwilightTwilight the movie came out on DVD this Saturday and teens everywhere flocked to purchase it.  Besides the eye candy of Robert Pattinson however, the movie didn’t stand up.

“It was really cheesy.”  My 16 year old conversationalist told me.  “When I didn’t know how it was going to turn out and like I wanted to see if they could do the book justice, I was really into it.  But now when I watched it, I just felt like they ruined the book.  I’m not as excited for New Moon (the next of the series by Stephanie Meyer) anymore.  Harry Potter is different.  The movies are like, I don’t know, darker or something.  Less cheesy definitely, but kind of kiddie too because there’s like no relationships or anything.  Harry Potter needs some sex or at least a hook up.  Even Rob Pattinson wasn’t hot when he was in Harry Potter.  Maybe that’s the clue.  Twilight is bubblegum cheesiness because they’re focusing on looks and not the story, while Harry Potter is the opposite.  I don’t know.  Why are you asking me all of these questions?”

Decide for yourself.


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