Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Not too long ago Sam and I decided that Kiki Wonder our faithful dog/Ewok mini-child needed a brother.  Immediately I began scouring the rescue websites www.Petfinder.com and www.AdoptaPet.com as well as dragging Sam to the shelters. 

Meet the boys!  benjaminHere’s Benjamin…                                                                                                     









 and Dugan.







     This is Mookie…                                                                                                           






Below is Owen.









  Please meet the Shih Tzu boys (all 4 of them)…  shih-tzu-boys







This is Ninja… 









and Warnie.








 And Tobias.







And here is a picture I took from my cell phone two days ago of the mystery pup.  His mom is a black lab, a sweet girl who I met, and the rest of the litter all look like labs or shepherds.  Except for him.  Is he a Siberian Husky/Black Lab mix?  An Alaskan Malamute/Black Lab mix?  We have no idea.  He doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m going back today to see how he’s doing.



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  1. m

    OMG, you forgot to mention this tiny detail when we met last week! Having just gone through (ok, still going through) puppy land again with jasper the feral rescue boy – all I can say is PUT YOUR SHOES away and anything else that is chewable like all those throw pillows! Jasper has chewed through the chair in the bedroom, fine antique rugs, any pillow he ‘finds’……but I still love him!

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