Jack LaLanne in Men’s Journal

Yesterday the magazine Men’s Journal arrived and on the back page there was an interview with Jack LaLanne.  jack20lalanneNow Jack is way before my time and yet his fame is somehow familiar to me.  At 94, the man intrigues me with his muscle-arm pose and I so I decided to read more.

Men’s Journal:  What should every man know about a woman?

Jack LaLanne:  I’ve been married 50 year.  You know the secret?  She’s always right.

Since I agree with this statement I decided to keep reading.

Men’s Journal:  What’s the key to staying young?

Jack LaLanne:  Exercise is king.  Nutrition is queen.  Put them together, and you’ve got a kingdom.

Men’s Journal:  What one thing should a man do every day?

Jack LaLanne:  I work out every day.

I looked at the age at the bottom of the picture.  Yup, 94.  Now I’m feeling lazy and slightly ashamed, but I read on.

Men’s Journal:  What’s the best meal you know how to make?

Jack LaLanne:  I eat only two meals a day – at 11 o’clock and at 7 o’clock.  For lunch I have at least six raw fruits, and I always have four egg whites.  Just the whites – the best protein known to man.  I throw the rest away.  That’s all the fat… My motto:  If man makes it, don’t eat it; if it tastes good; spit it out.

Considering his age and how well he’s doing, his motto seems to be working.  To read more check out the April 2009 Men’s Journal.  Or his website, Jack LaLanne.com  In the meantime, summer’s on it’s way – time for us slackers to get healthy.  Put down the mint Oreo and pick up that carrot stick!  Bathing suit season will be here before we know it.


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