F*** My Life – the Website

www.FMyLife.com  is the new craze of teenagers.  Every kid I know (and I know a lot) won’t shut about it.  It’s so funny, it’s so real, it’s so sad, but only because it’s so true.  FML as it’s called on the DL (down low for you old people) is now an everyday catch phrase.

I got a ticket!  FML.

I failed my geometry test.  FML.

Bobby broke up with me!  FML.

Who ate the last chip?  FML.

You see?  They never stop with the FML’s.  And there’s even a code for how to say it in front of adults so that the adults won’t catch on, but the kid who you’re talking to will get it; MLS.  It stands for My Life Sucks.  That way if the teacher asks what you’re talking about you can lie with a clear conscience.  It’s genius and yet so devious.

After hearing about FML nonstop for the past week , I finally checked it out.  Eh.  It’s okay.  We had better stories when I was a kid if you ask me.  These all sound very made up.  But I want to keep you all in the loop so check it out if you want and remember FML in front of your peeps, but MLS with the establishment.  Peace out, yo.


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  1. m

    I wasted 15 min on this site yesterday. Very VERY scary what some of these people write/experience. I’m sure they can’t all be true.

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