Not So Watchable Watchmen?

Uh-oh.  The first big blockbuster of the year, Watchmen based on the graphic novel (read: comic book) of the same name has come out to mixed reviews.  I guess we should be lucky it came out at all since the past few months have been spent in court fighting about just that.  Warner Brothers shot the movie, but Fox sued them for the rights to distribute it (where the real money is) because of documentation they had from the 1980’s.  From what I can understand, the producer had approached Fox first and they bought it, but then when Fox decided to not to make Watchmen, the producer took the movie elsewhere.  Warner Brothers eventually said yes obviously, and the movie got made.  The judge ruled in favor of Fox and you can read the NY Times article here if you want: Judge Says Fox Owns Rights to a Warner Movie       watchmencharacters

But back to the reviews…According to my favorite site, Metacritic Rolling Stones gave Watchmen a 63 out of a 100, The LA Times a 60, and The NY Times a lowly 40.  The New Yorker and The Hollywood Reporter dropped their ratings even more to an embarrassingly low 20 – ouch.  Overall Metacritic Score: 57

This is not good news for fantasy and sci-fi fans like me.  The only movie out thus far has been Rise of the Lycans, which was not even that good!  It’s getting so that I might have to go catch Twilight again or maybe rent Lord of the Rings on Netflix.  Watchmen, not to be confused with the vampire/werewolf /wizard/goblin movies I jut named, is pure science fiction with superheroes and a political point of view on society.  It was published in 1986 and 1987 as a 12 book comic story that deconstructed the idea of a  superhero;  set in the United States during an almost-nuclear war with Russia.  It was met with mass critical approval and went on to be re-published as a graphic novel.

If anybody goes to see Watchmen this weekend please let me know what you think.  I’m very curious if it’s truly terrible or just so out-there geeky that the critics don’t get it.


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