Harry Potter Book On Tape

Remember the olden days, when people used to sit around as a family and listen to the radio?  War of the Worlds and other soap operas would enthrall people’s imaginations.  Listeners would sit quitely doing nothing as they allowed the invisible storyteller to sweep them away into a world of make believe. 

Jim Dale is the genius artist who performs all seven of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.  His voice is absolutely spellbinding.  Even since I’ve moved to Los Angeles I’ve been addicted to books on tape.  I slip them in while I’m driving and it makes my 30 minute journey from one place to another whisk by.  I rent them for free from the library and I’ve probably listened to thousands of books over the years.  No other voice has struck me in the chest like a 2×4 the way Jim Dale’s has.  Each character he reads has a unique voice, a sound all his or her own that Mr. Dale pulls from a seemingly endless bag of tricks.  His gift is so incredible that I’ve listened to each recording three or four times now just because I can’t believe how good he is. 

I’ve listened to the Harry Potter Books On Tape (CD actually) while doing my taxes, folding the laundry, and making arts and crafts projects.  I know a man who downloaded each book onto his ipod and lost 10lbs walking all over the city listening to them.  Jim Dale is addictive.  His voice will completely absorb you into the world J. K. Rowling always meant for you to see.  If anyone has ever watched the opening sequence of the short-lived television show Pushing Daisies, that’s also Jim Dale’s voice.  Check him out sometime – he makes the minutes fly by and catches your imagination on fire.  His voice is heavenly.

Jim Dale’s official website: Jim-Dale.com

And the following is out of order (part 3 of 6), but it’s a perfect little taste of his talents on the fly.  You can see Mr. Dale performing live at a Barnes and Noble.  He’s reading from the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


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