Sneaking Into the Beverly Hills Hotel Pool

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Los Angeles and there were only two things on my mind; sun and sunblock.  The beach was my first thought, but then quickly crossed off.  The beach is great if you live on the beach or are visiting someone who lives on the beach.  In other words, when there’s a house right there for you to go into whenever you need it.  The beach is not so great when you have to dash into the freezing cold water to pee.  Not that I do this, I don’t.  I’m just saying that some people do this…but not me.  Anyway, once beach got crossed off there was only one option left.  Pool.

Now I don’t have a pool, which posed a slight problem.  I would have to therefore pose as a hotel guest somewhere and sneak into a pool.  I thought about it morally – did this bother my conscience?  No.  Alright then, which hotel did I feel like infiltrating?  The Peninsula’s pool is wonderful and very comfortable, but they have a pesky habit of asking you your room number as soon as you sit down.  I didn’t mind using the pool, but I wasn’t ready to commit to an entire day as Mrs. Lasky from room 223.

The Beverly Hills’ pool couldn’t have been nicer.  Comfortable chairs, quick service, very strong mojitos – a man even brought me complimentary bottles of Fiji water.  The crowd was as far from Hollywood as you can get, which I loved.  There’s nothing worse than sitting in your swimsuit with a bunch of girls who have concave stomachs and thighs that don’t touch.  Not this crowd.  There were some heavy snackers around the BHH pool. 

It’s raining here today in Los Angeles, but I can barely wait fo my next sunny day.  I have a feeling that the pool at the W hotel will be exactly to my liking.



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2 responses to “Sneaking Into the Beverly Hills Hotel Pool

  1. Matt

    you’re the first result for “how to sneak into the beverly hills hotel”. i’m heading out to L.A. to get discovered in a few weeks and was watching a documentary about producer Bob Evans and he was hanging out at the pool and got discovered. What’s security like. What kind of producers did you see hanging around the pool there?

    • saramorris

      Sorry for the late response! I’m not sure if you’re joking or not…but just in case, I think this ship has sailed. You’re more likely to meet a call girl and a Russian “tycoon” around the BHH pool then any serious players. Best of luck nonetheless!!

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