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blistexThis past week I spent a night at the Parker Palm Springs; a lovely resort hotel if you’ve never been.  There in the bathroom of our villa was a veritable cornucopia of luxury bath products.  Hermes soap, Penhaligon’s from London, Peter Thomas Roth sunblock on a string, and the piece de la resistance…a brand new jar of Blistex.  Ooo La La.  I was in heaven.

But when I peeled off the security seal over the lid of my new Blistex I came across somthing I had never seen before; a warning label.  I’ll share it with you now:


  • Do not get into the eyes.
  • Do not apply over large areas of the body.
  • Do not use on deep puncture wounds.
  • Or animal bites.
  • Or serious burns.

So for those out you out there who have dipping and double dipping into your .25oz tub of Blistex to slather it all over your body – stop doing that.  And I’m very surprised that there’s enough in that little jar to cover an entire human body. 

As for those who are using your Blistex for medicinal purposes…what line of work are you in that you’re getting attacked by animals or punctured deeply by foreign objects?  I think that’s your first problem right there.  Instead of smearing that huge hole in your arm with Blistex may I suggest some Neosporin and a trip to the emergency room?  Bandaging that animal bite and getting medical attention might be the way to go on this one.  Now I love Blistex as much as the next guy, but I just don’t see it healing your bloody wound.  You need stitches.

Until next time, this has been your friendly neighborhood public service announcement.  Use your Blistex wisely!

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