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Woman’s Hair Weave Saves Her Life

This is a true story:   Woman in Kansas is shot by her boyfriend in the back of the head, but lives because (wait for it) her hair weave stops the bullet.

Her hair weave stops a bullet!

I’m still laughing.  Thank you, world for such a gift…and now I’m off to get a hair weave.  And some fake nails.  And maybe a silicon injection or two.  Because it just might save my life.  If I move to Kansas…and I date someone who owns a gun…and he shoots me at a convenience store…because he’s good like that.  Ain’t love grand?


In today’s ‘Completely Gratuitous’:  People are being paid to wear temporary tattoos that advertise companies!  New ZealandAir in particular is paying $777 or a free round-trip ticket if you shave your head and put their slogan on the back of your noggin.

What do you think about this?  Read the attached article and let me know!

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