So I Finally Watched American Idol

For years now I’ve missed all of the big reality shows; Survivor, The Amazing Race, Dancing With The Stars, Project Runway…oh no wait, I watch that one.  Anyway, in my cave of ignorance I’ve lived quite happily outside of popular culture, until recently.  Last night I watched my first American Idol and I have to say, I love Simon Cowell.  I saw him once at Ago (an Italian restaurant in LA) with a table full of men and thought he way gay.  Now that I’m more aware of who he is, I wished I ‘d paid attention.  He’s about the only thing on the show I couldn’t walk away from.simon2

Born in England in 1959, (he’s 49 for those of you counting on your fingers) Simon went into the music business at an early age thanks to his dad, an executive in the industry.  From there he spent his 20’s climbing the ladder, his thirties in debt and living back with his parents, and his 40’s hitting it big with one bright idea after another.  In 2006, Simon agreed to stay on as a judge for American Idol for the paltry sum of 40 million dollars a season.  This doesn’t include all of his other endeavors bankrolled by Fox and not.  In short, he’s not moving in with parents again any time soon.

During my foray into mainstream television, I must say that Paula Abdul seemed like nothing more than a big, hot mess and the other three (Randy, new girl, and Ryan Seacrest) were just blah.  Especially Ryan Seacrest.  I hope in real life he’s fantastic because otherwise, I just cannot see what the attraction is.  Fox should’ve saved some money and hired me.  I would’ve done it at a fraction of the cost with infinite more witticisms.  Plus, I wouldn’t look like a fifth grade girl next to all of the contestants.  He must be like what 5’5, 120 pounds? 

And finally, the main attraction of the show, the talent; it was in parts truly amazing and truly dreadful.  That said, I understand the appeal of American Idol and why it could become addictive – especially if one’s favorites are progressing from week to week.  There’s emotional involvement.  I must admit, even I found myself rooting for Anoop, the preppy,  a cappella-esque dark horse of the competition.  For me however, Simon will always be the draw until Ryan is replaced with someone as quick on his (her?) feet.  I tell you, that upstairs waiting room is a missed opportunity for some real laughs.  Especially after some of the caterwauling I heard last night.


On a side note: Please look at the cartoon I posted today under ‘Completely Gratuitous’ and tell me what you think. Does it deserve all the hype that it’s getting?



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3 responses to “So I Finally Watched American Idol

  1. You should give the Bachelor a whirl. It makes Monday my favorite day of the week.

  2. Harry

    That cartoon is not racist. Its saying that a bunch of trained monkey’s are putting together the current bill. Now you have Al Sharpton up at arms about that because its another opportunity for him to get on TV. Dammit, now I’m pissed off. As for reality TV, you should watch sports, its the original reality TV.

  3. offended.

    If that chimp was supposed to represent an entity such as Congress, then why didn’t the cartoonist put a “congress” sign on it, as is often done in political cartoons? Considering the historical and even offensively recent comparison of blacks to chimps etc., this cartoon is way out of line. Even if the cartoonist wasn’t trying t compare the chimpt to Obama, he’d just need half a brain to see why this cartoon would be perceved as racist. Just bc sharpton is pissing u off, u can’t ignore the innaprpriate content of this.

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