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Must Have Shoe From Anyi Lu

Besides writing this blog and fighting crime, I do a few other things.  One of which is writing creative copy for brands I like.  This past fall I did a campaign for a shoe company called Anyi Lu.  You can read my little vignettes here at AnyiLu.com under ‘Seasons Looks.’  Each picture tells a story about where her shoes have gone, what they’ve seen, what they’ve done.  It was a fun job and best of all, I really admired her shoes. 

One shoe in particular has stuck in my craw.  It’s called the ‘Carol’ and if you’re still on the web page I inserted above, you can find it in the second column, fifth picture down.  Now I’ve always been a huge fan of Lanvin flats.  In my opinion, they’re some of the most comfortable and yet still stylish shoes out there…until I met ‘Carol.’ 

Walking around my house wearing one Carol on my right foot (they send me only one sample, which is smart.  If they’d sent me the pair I would’ve for sure stolen them and moved to Brazil) I fell in love.  It’s simply, the most comfortable thing since Ugg boots and it’s ridiculously cute.  Why wear an uncomfortable flat?  If you’re going to be in pain, you might as well slip on a 4 inch heel and at least make your legs look longer.  And yet so many flats are just not that satisfactory.

The Carol, like all of Anyi’s shoes is made for wearability.  So I decided to write a blog today about them because I’m going to give the company a little jingle and see if I can’t purchase a pair.  I’m tired of spending gobs of money on shoes that look great, but give me blisters – or look like crap, but feel like a million dollars.  I want it all and I think I might’ve found it.  Trust me when I tell you, Anyi Lu is this year’s must have shoe!

Footnote:  I’m also going to order a pair of those black patent ‘Petal’ shoes (second column, second from the top).  I remember hopping around my living room in the right Petal and thinking that the little toe cut-out was extremely s.e.x.y.  So if you’re looking for a black heel that you can wear all day/all night without losing blood flow to your toes and look like the cat’s meow, I’m recommending the Petal as another must have shoe for the year.

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