The Westminster Dog Show

75  Last night the Westminster Dog Show wrapped up with nary an incident except for the PETA protesters who dressed up in KKK gear.  I’m not sure what the parallel is between white sheets, racism, and stupidity…and a beauty pageant for dogs, but there you have it. 

So instead of going on and on about the show since I’m sure most of you were as glued to the action as I was, I’ll just share some pictures courtesy of the associated press.1

It ain’t easy being little, but that didn’t stop this guy from turning on his super powers of cuteness.

And this guy showed some major patience in the beauty parlor while he got his ears done.3

665  Even teeth are important at Westminster Beauty Pageant!

Now you know how they say that dogs look like their owners???

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show133rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, NYDog Show I’m not sure about this guy and this dog.  One of them looks to much to big for the other.  But check out below how this woman runs so nicely, her feet don’t touch.  Not that’s something.14

These dogs are just amazing.  Especially the little black one who looks like a  mop’n’glow.  How does he even see?

Dog Show1716

But at the end of the day, it’s all about making new friends, looking good, and acclimating to life as a star.

1527Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Like actresses at an audition, for every cute blonde, there are 10 more even cuter.25







These two ladies look like they’ve done this all before.  They’re like the Liza Minnelli’s of Westminster.


Dog Show24 

But all the dogs are obviously happy to be there and I think they know that they’re something special.  So even when they’re stuck in wardrobe and make-up for hours and hours, they deal with it.

281  22


 2nd in show for matching hair do’s.

23  mommy-at-the-beach-707 


1st in show for cuteness and laziness and acting most like a regular old dog.


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  1. adorable! i missed this yesterday, so was v glad for your rehashing of the night’s events.

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