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56 Year Old Woman Swims Across Atlantic

56, are you sure?  As in 5? 6?  As in more than 20 years older than me?  And she swam across the entire Atlantic Ocean?  How is this possible?  What am I not eating enough of?  Is it vitamin C because I just bought a whole box of this powder stuff that’s got all kinds of vitamins in it. 

atlanticFirst Woman To Swim Atlantic 

Jennifer Figge left Africa on January 12th and swam approximately 2,100 miles in high winds and up to 30-foot waves to reach Trinidad early Sunday morning.  Let me just repeat this in case your coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.  A month of swimming.  In the Ocean.  In the middle of winter.  With sharks and sharks and deep, deep water.  Now do you see what I’m talking about?  She’s amazing. 

So again I ask you, what am I missing here because there is no way I could spend a month swimming across an ocean.  And the best part is that Jennifer Figge isn’t done yet.  No, she’s going to keep swimming until she reaches the British Virgin Islands.  Why not, right?  But if you ask me, there’s a merm-person involved in this story.  Mermaid?  Merman?  I don’t know, but there is no way after swimming an entire ocean, she’s not had enough of it.  Even I would get tired of eating ice cream if I ate it for 8 hours a day, 26 days in a row.

And the calories she burned!  8,000 a day!  Why can’t sitting on my sofa typing burn that many calories?  It’s like my fingers are always losing weight from the workout I give them, but the rest of me doesn’t feel the burn.  I keep eating for my fingers, but my hips keep stealing all the food. 

56 years old and swimming across oceans…it blows my mind.


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