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Project Cover Model: LA Magazine

One of my girlfriends has a one page spread in this month’s Los Angeles Magazine.  In case you want to check it out, it’s the February 09 issue with Kate Winslet on the cover, page 52.  Both the article and the picture are flattering and I couldn’t be happier for her.  Well yes I could.  If she were on the cover, buck naked and dripping with jewelry, then I guess I could be a little bit happier.  But the featured article is pretty good nonetheless.

Which got me to thinking about what one has to do to get on the cover of Los Angeles Magazine.  Because now that I’m considering it, I wouldn’t mind that job.  Not naked of course, not with these thighs.  But maybe in a tasteful leopard dress.  With head feathers and lots of illegally mined diamonds.  And maybe Kiki in the background riding an elephant.  It sound ‘s superb, right?  Which leaves the question, what does a girl have to do to be March’s cover model?

That answer to that is obvious; something famous.  Cover models are directors, actors, maybe once in a blue moon a model, but never an unknown artist, a behind the scenes writer, a good-looking hottie spotted in a coffee shop.  Why?  Because there needs to be face recognition – I see Kate Winslet on the cover, I like Kate Winslet, and so I shell out $4.95 + tax for a little taste of Kate Winslet.  By the way, when did magazines become five dollars? 

In my opinion, this system is faulty.  I’m tired of seeing famous people on the covers of magazines.  I see them enough in the news and on perezhilton.com.  I’m ready for something new, something different, something daring.  I challenge the magazines to make it a little harder for themselves.  Do some leg work.  Instead of just picking up the phone and calling Leo DiCaprio’s manager and booking a photo shoot for Tuesday at nine, get out on the streets, hit the pavement, find some regular folk to put on the cover of your magazine.  It would be like a guessing game when we’re waiting in line at the supermarket.  Who is this person LA Magazine has put on their cover?  What has she done?  Where does she live?  And why does she think that leopard dress looks good on her?

If you think this idea is as good as I do, and not just because it’s me I’m talking about on the cover, write to the editor.  Let’s revolutionize magazine making!  Letters to the Editor:  letters@LAmag.com   la-mag21


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