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Chicking Out On Pillows

Sam’s sister, Duncan sent me an interesting link yesterday for a shop called Pillow Mint in Charlottesville, VA.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I’m crazy for accent pillows.  My guests are always pulling or pushing at something on my sofas to make room for their bottoms, and that’s the way I like it.  I have handmade pillows and pillows from designers; blue pillows and white pillows and pink pillows and green pillows.  I have pillows that are small and pillows that are big.  I read Dr. Seus and sit on a pillow with a pig.

So I decided to share my love of pillows with all of you because not enough people appreciate what a pillow can do.  Take my house for example.  Both of my sofas are brown; one is a chocolate linen, the other a more tannish, natural-colored linen.  So why the brown theme?  Well because of my dog, Kiki Wonder who likes to wipe her beard on them after she eats and then roll around with her dirty paws when no one’s looking.  I used to have a white sofa that eventually, thanks to Kiki’s stellar efforts, turned brown so this time I got ahead of the eight ball and bought brown sofas to start with.  Who knows, maybe she’ll turn them both white. 

Now a house full of brown sofas could look like a mud pit, a depressing vortex of brown, a big pile of….well you get the idea.   To avoid this, one must insert some wildly colorful pillows and badda bing, badda boom, we’ve got lift-off.  My male readers who are not of the gay persuasion have probably snoozed off by this point, but let me just say that these pillows affect you whether you know it or not.  Think about it.  What do you put your head on while you half-snooze, half-watch the football game every Monday night?  That’s right, the pillows.  Trust me, you’d care if they weren’t there.  So in the hopes of arising some pillow passion with all of you, here are some links that might get you out there and shopping.

  1. Pillow Mint
  2. John Robshaw
  3. Jonathan Adler
  4. Viva Terra Eco Pillows
  5. Wisteria
  6. Anthropologie
  7. Vivre
  8. Nantucket Home
  9. Horchow
  10. Maison-Midi at American Rag  (this website doesn’t have their pillows up yet, but for those in LA the store is worth a visit)
  11. SoHa Living
  12. Shop Style Living
  13. The Source Perrier
  14. WS Home
  15. Plantation  (again, the website doesn’t have much, but for those in SF and LA the stores are great)
  16. Barclay Butera (store is better than website if you can make a visit)
  17. Distant-LA
  18. Colcha Home
  19. Rooms and Gardens  (coming soon)
  20. Katie Wong NYC
  21. Room Service
  22. Design Public  (this site is very affordable if you want some pillow style on the cheap) 
  23. Amenity Organic Hemp and Linen
  24. Inhabit Living
  25. Modnest
  26. Feel More Human Eco-Friendly Pillows
  27. More Unusual Animal Pillows
  28. Plush Living
  29. Pottery Barn
  30. Deborah Main Designs

Feel free to write in if you have any more stores/websites you’d like me to add.  I’m always looking for a good pillow!


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