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There Goes The Neighborhood. Goodbye, Domino.

Conde Nast (who was a real person by the way) has announced the close of Domino magazine.  It will follow Home & Garden, Cottage Living, In Style Home, and Oprah’s O at Home to the magazine graveyard of never to be read again.  People are just not into decorating these days I guess.

I’m not a magazine person, but I loved Domino.  It was bright and shiny and full of great ideas for decorating and gifts and do it yourself projects.  Every month I would use the stickers they included inside to mark the pages I wanted to see again like ‘Great Gifts For Under $40’ that had gourmet, French marshmallows, African bonbons, and scented Hermes drawer liners.  Or ‘How To Get This Look’ and ’10 Things That Make Me Happy.’  I have a pair of earrings marked, some porcelain storage containers, and a high-back chair covered in seersucker.

Arnaud Soubeyran Marshmallows  Chocolates for a Cause  Vintage Jewelry  Storage and More  Mirrors  Furniture 

Best of all, they included websites and phone numbers to make acquisition easy.  You like that bright gold mirror, the pillow with tiger on the front, the bookcase lined in polka dot and toile?  How about an orange bed skirt, a brown and white rug, a lamp made out of a fisherman’s buoy?  Domino had it all and now it’s gone.  March will be the last issue.

As I look at the newsstand I see hundreds of magazine I don’t want to read; gossip rags and muscle mags and magazines that have greased-up pictures of girls in their underwear.  What part of that sounds interesting?  At LACMA (LA’s Museum of Art) there’s an exhibit right now of Vanity Fair portraits.  Interestingly, back in the day Conde Nast (who really was Conde Nast at that point) closed Vanity Fair to become assimilated into and under the title of his other, more successful magazine Vogue.  But then Vanity Fair came back again…so maybe Domino will come back too. 

In the meantime, we’ve still got February and March left to enjoy before change hits the stands.  Check it out if you haven’t before.  I think you’ll see what I’m taking about.


***Once again I’m ahead of the times.  Here’s the NY Times 2/4/09 article on Domino’s close: NY Times Article***

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