Chinese New Year

Today begins the Year of the Ox.  Yay! Whoo-hoo!  Fantastic!  Now what does that mean exactly? 

The Ox is the second of the Chinese astrological signs and is very loosly compared to the western sign of Capricorn.  The Chinese also have element signs that coordinate with their animal sign.  2009 is an Earth Ox Year.  Our first one since 1949, which in when we were cleaning up the mess of WWII.  Coincidence?  I think not.

According to the Chinese, a person born under the sign of the Ox is just like his animal counterpart – hardworking, caring, sturdy, and as stubborn as an ox.  They plod along getting things done, one step at a time with much determination.  So what does a Year of the Ox mean?  An Earth Ox at that?  Any year of the Ox then tends to be a year where people get their ducks in a row, with the intention of creating security for themselves.  This means, like the labor of an ox, a year full of fortitude, resolution, and doggedness.  But when you add in the Earth element, it begets the patience and industriousness of a gardner.

In the year of the Earth Ox, we plant seeds and watch them grow.  We water them, feed them, and protect them from getting overgorwn by weeds.  It’s not only a wonderful year for family, but also for planting financial securities.  2009 is year where communication is not the best (Oxen don’t talk much), quick decisions are uncommon, but like the exertion of our animal mate, any industriousness will reap us benefits for years to come. What wonderful news for our economy.  Better yet, guess who was born under the Year of the Ox?  Yes sir, one Barrack Hussein Obama.  Margaret Thatcher is another one.

Next year is the year of the Tiger (growl, hiss, roar) so plod along now and get some work done before we’re all back in the jungle chasing our tails and trying to eat monkeys.  If you’re curious as to what the year of the Ox will bring for you, a link to your Chinese Horsoscope for 2009 is attached below.  Those of you who are a Rabbit like me, you’re going to love our predictions!

2009 Chinese Horoscope

The Chinese animals, in order of appearance, are:


The Chinese elements, in order of appearance, are:



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