Cutting Yourself a Break

Self Magazine Editor, Lucy Danziger has some helpful hints for those of us trying to loose a few pounds before spring.  First of all, she says, we have to give ourselves a break.  No more looking in the mirror and seeing everything wrong.  Goodbye fat thighs, cankles, lumpy bottom, saddlebags, monster boobs, stomach rolls, ham-hock arms, double chin, and any other wobbly bits we might hate.  Hello positive!  Hello cheekbones, skinny arms, collar bones, nice breasts, toned calves, shapely legs, tight abs, and pretty hands.  Instead of looking at the roll of fat hanging over your skinny jeans, look at your long, thick hair.  Instead of thinking, “My god, if my rear-end got any bigger they’d stick a zip code on it.” think, “Wow, my breasts looks fantastic in this top.  No one will be able to resist my powers today!”  As Lucy Danziger says, “Love your body and it will love you back.”

But wait, there’s more…stress is the number one killer.  It not only makes your body hold on to dangerous stomach fat, but it also sends you straight into the cookie section for comfort.  High fat foods soothe the brain, making binge eating synonymous with solace.  Instead of shoveling in the Tastycakes, go for a walk, take some deep breaths, do something with your hands like knitting or coloring.  Before you know it, your brain and body will be just as relaxed as if you pigged-out, but without the guilt.

Which brings me to Lucy’s next point, guilt.  I don’t know about you, but guilt is like a bad roommate who won’t move out.  He leaves the toilet seat up, eats my food, and always forgets to write down when somebody calls.  And yet no matter how many times I tell him to beat it, he keeps coming back to beat me.  Well enough is enough – no more guilt, it’s pointless.  So instead of beating yourself up about that extra serving of noodles in butter sauce, just smile and enjoy the experience.  Life’s too short to obsess about what we should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.  Tomorrow we can all try again.

Finally, Lucy tells us to slow down and to stop labeling things as good or bad or off-limits or naughty.  Eat what you want as long as it makes you happy, just slow down while you eat it.  It takes the brain twenty minutes to realize if it’s full or not so instead of gobbling down food to feed the beast, chew.  And chew.  And breath.  Maybe you’ll find one bowl of ice cream more than enough.  Or maybe not, maybe you’ll need two bowls and then a brownie.  Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re freaking fantastic…and then get on with your bad-self. 




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  1. Harry

    I thought Monster Boobs was a good thing?

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