From 400,000 to 1,400,000

In the past, the peaceful exchange of power in America has been personally witnessed by some 400,000 +/- people.  Today, a million more than that crowded into Washington DC to witness our first African-American president as he was sworn into office.  Pretty amazing stuff. 

But enough about that, let’s talk about how cool it is that our country is a democracy.  We have such freedom; to vote whomever we want into office, to travel wherever we want without fear, and to speak out against whatever we feel isn’t right and whatever we want to see change.  It’s remarkable what our Constitution and our Bill of Rights permits, neigh encourages us to do. 

Yesterday, I included some quotations from Reverend King and today, their poignancy hits home all the more after President Obama’s speech.  We all have to make the changes we want to see.  Laziness, complaining, apathy – none of this will make our country better.  So be one of the millions of Americans who are stepping out of their comfort zones to be a little less selfish and to care a little more.  What have you done to show your appreciation for our democracy?  What have I done?

Watching the inauguration today, I think many of us were reminded of just how lucky we are.  Born into a country where one man’s dreams of little black children playing with little white children can come true.  Born into a democratic system where anything and everything is a possibility.  Our country is truly inspiring.


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