My New Favorite Discovery, Discovery

The Discovery Channel is a channel I don’t get even with the new digital converter box we just installed.  To tell you the truth I liked our old rabbit ears much better, but times change and so must I.  Luckily, we were one of the early homes who got the rebate check from Uncle Sam so the box was practically free.  If you have cable you might not even know what I’m talking about.  And I digress…

My point is, we don’t get the Discovery Channel so when I learned they had a website, I had to check it out.  Don’t waste your time wondering if it’s worth it or not for you to go check it out too – just go do it and you can thank me later.  My top favorite stories of today:

1.  The Twin Cores of Earth     < The Twin Cores of Earth >     You don’t have to be a science fiction fan to appreciate that our planet is both mysterious and rational.  Scientists have long believed that Earth as we know it began with a gigantic intergalactic collision.  Some of you may have been awake for this lecture in college?  Anyway, scientists postulate that when the objects hit, the impact created not only galactic debris, otherwise known as our moon, but also the energy and force to begin thermal equilibrium and hence the on-start of life.  This is all about 9.5 billion years after the universe was created, see Big Bang Theory.

The Discovery Channel has a short, sweet, and dumbed down version (for us laymen) of a new idea from Haluk Cetin and Fugen Ozkirim of Murray State University.  Cetin and Ozkirim hypothesize (they still have no proof to confirm or invalidate) that when the space collision happened, the cores of both planets, which would forge to become Earth, remained inside of the new planet.  Working together and yet still independently of one another, their dual existence is the cause for opposition, plate tectonics, and the final result, earthquakes. 

While other scientists poo-poo this idea and say that the heat of the molten core would’ve melded the two together by now, I love it.  That there are two separate planets grinding together like the inside of a broken clock would explain so much.  Not about earthquakes or plate tectonics, but about why we’re all so different up here.  Why we face one another in conflict day in and day out.  You know the book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus?  Well what if the two core theory was true and if half of creation was born from the atoms and particles formed by one planet, the other half born from the materials of another?  And now here we all are, dictated and influenced by these two separate cores churning away underneath us.  As if we never had a chance to live in peace when our very cores constantly strive to make us different.  Just a thought anyway.

2.  The Pink Iguana     <The Pink Iguana>     pink-iguana

I think this picture speaks for itself.  If you’re as curious as I am then you’re already scrolling upwards to click on the link.  Imagine hiking around the Galapagos Island and running into this creature.  By the way, he’s about 5.7 million years old.  Well not him in the picture, but his lineage.  How amazing is that?  No plastic surgery or botox for this guy…gal…giant pink reptile. 

Thank you Discovery Channel.  Great website for the masses to get a glimpse at what the smarty-pants are up to.  I for one, love it.


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  1. m

    OMG, you are watching TV now?
    I think you are growing up Ms Sara….

    Happy New Year!

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