There’s A New Bag In Town

For all of my male readers, I’m sorry.   I’m about to totally chick-out here today, so this is for you:

Hut! Hut! Green Thirty-four! Tackle-Dive-Slam and Touchdown!!! 

You’re welcome.  Now on to fashion matters…

There’s a new handbag in town and boy, is it nice.  The Spanish brand Loewe (pronounced Low-way-vay) has a new designer and a whole new look.  Mark my word ladies, this is going to be huge.  Loewe, Madrid  British designer Stuaart Vevers is reinventing Loewe from itself.  Like a page out of Balenciaga’s book, Vevers is copying the Loewe look of the 1940’s and 1950’s that had everyone from Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, and Cary Grant carrying their bags and wearing their designs. 

Now I’ve always been a Chanel gal myself, but the Spring/Summer 09 line from Loewe makes my toes curl.  Color, texture, ruffles, lizard…what more could we want?  The Calle and the Amazona crocodile bag show where Vevers is a little bit Hermes, a little bit LV, with a dash of Gucci brashness.  The whole line just screams, “Go jump on a yacht and be tawdry!”  As for the clothing, it’s great and very Lanvin with the ruffled dresses.  High collars, lots of buttons, gold junk and gold piping – it’s all hot Spaniard.  I even love the shiny.  But there are a few pieces that look as if somebody got too good of a deal on denim and didn’t know when to stop.  Denim dress?  Denim military jumpsuit? I don’t think so.

Besides the gorgeous handbags, I couldn’t help but notice the Loewe belts.  They’re truly fantastic and I’m buying lotto tickets all week so I can go get one.  Carrie Bradshaw beware, none of this stuff looks inexpensive.  The only bad news is, Loewe doesn’t exist in L.A.  So the next time I’m in Madrid, my lotto tickets and I are heading into their shop.  As I said before, mark my words, just like Vevers brought Givenchy and Mulberry back, Loewe is in the bag.


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