EZ Lube…et tu?

EZ Lube declared bankruptcy yesterday in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.  It blames its hard times on the bad economy, but that just makes no sense to me.  Recession or no, drivers are going to need to get their oil changed.  In fact, Sam was there just this weekend.  Something smells fishy.  Or oily as the case may be.

Every day it seems, I log in and read that companies are folding and employees are being cut like pastrami.  Here we are in the first week of December and the causalities are already limping into the queues of unemployment centers across America.  Yahoo just gave the heave-ho to 1500 people.  AT&T will lay off 12,000 tomorrow.  Credit Suisse is cutting 5300 jobs.  DuPont will fire 2500.  Avis car rental has eliminated 2200 positions.  Shall I go on because there are a lot more.  Why even today thousands and thousands of people are being called into a fluorescent office in Boston or Washington or Minnesota or Detroit and being told, “We’re sorry. You’re done.” 

What the what?  How can this be?  How can there be traffic jams on Rodeo Drive and also stampedes to get a bargain at Walmart?  How can some have so much luck and others have so little?  I for one, am not going to fire any of my employees.  Not that I have any, but if I did, I’d rather take a pay cut and eat tuna fish than have to fire someone while I’m wearing a $500 dress and a diamond tennis bracelet.  Even I’m not that hypocritical.

Which stands to say, what are all of these companies doing wrong?  Because even in a recession, people have to keep their cars running.  Public transportation included.  How is it that these companies have resorted to filing bankruptcy and firing people?  If I were AT&T, instead of slashing 12,000 jobs tomorrow, I’d tell the National Security Agency that it was payback time.   They did after all go into illegal cahoots, wire-tapping conversations and copying the public’s emails without permission.  (Before you get bogged down on this, Verizon was no better.)  The point is, perhaps instead of firing people, the NSA can give AT&T another covert mission.  Like spying on the CEO’s and CFO’s of all these failing companies and figuring out what the mystery is.  Because I for one, just don’t buy that it’s all about the economy.  I smell a greedy rat.


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  1. john

    i am in their business i just finished my best year ever its called taking your eye off the ball and maybe even smokin some of that goofy stuff

    all across america you can find oil shops that are busier than hell its because people want to take better care of their cars which we are in tune with


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