Edward Cullen, Vampire Extraordinaire

 edward-cullen1 edward-cullen-2twilight-3twilight-2

Photos are from InStyle and Vanity Fair Magazines.

 I’d write more, but what else can I say?  The movie wasn’t as good as the books, but it held its own and was far from terrible.  I don’t know if the director meant to make the cheesy parts funny, by my theater was laughing loudly throughout the film.  Laughing with it I should say, not at it.  The two main characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen make the film.  It’s the stellar acting skills of these two young people (not to mention their intense chemistry) that carry the love story from start to finish with aplomb.  And they’re gorgeous.  Especially the young buck.  Hubba-hubba.  I recommend it and eagerly await New Moon.  But ladies, go with your lady friends because trust me, you will want to talk about Robert Pattinson.  Did I already mention, hubba-hubba?  He’s adorable.  If only I were 18 again…

Obviously I’m not only one who thinks this way.  I found thousands of videos like these on youtube.


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  1. m

    he’s not the way I pictured him when I read the books but hey – – I wouldn’t kick him to the curb either!

    i’ll wait for the movie on netflix but I knew it would be a tremendous hit >>> even though the books were aimed at teenage girls, I loved them.

    Vampires are in – – and then there’s sookie and her very hubba-hubba vamp!

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