Bond, James Bond

Tonight I’m off to a private screening of Quantum Solace.  (Please note that the use of the term ‘private screening’ is intended to make you think that I’m fabulous and very, very important.  Take a moment to experience the appropriate sense of awe…)  Alright then, back to Quantum Solace.

I grew up watching Bond and will argue with anyone the epic question of who’s the best Bond.  In fact, I secretly (or not so secretly since I’m now telling millions of readers..okay, one reader) always thought of myself as a Bond woman.  Kind of a Bridget Bardot meets Lucille Ball heart-breaker.  In my 007 movie the only person strutting around in a bikini is Bond.  You can catch me up on the beach covered in sunblock, with a hat, and maybe an umbrella just in case.  Spies dig that.  Oh yeah, and I’m also a spy…and a genius…and I have tons of gadgets from Q…and I can fight like a Kung Fu Master.  Men love me.  Bad guys fear me.  Women just want to know how I tamed Bond.  Oh this is such a great movie!

But as I was saying, Quantum Solace.  I’m very excited.  (thank you, Justin!)  Daniel Craig is well, delicious.  I wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of his muscle sandwich.  For spy reasons only of course.  But since I’m not a spy (or am I?) I’m looking forward to  watching his cool, killer Bond open a few cans of whoop-ass on the big screen.  I’ll let you all know how it was in tomorrow’s blog.  Until then…

My cast of favorite Bonds.  Here it is in case you’re interested:

Roger Moore:                                                                                           Sean Connery:




                       Pierce Brosnan:


Daniel Craig:  



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