Lucky Star

Star light, Star bright, First star I see tonight…

I wish I may, I wish I might…

Have the Wish I Wish Tonight.

Every evening when I take Kiki out for her last hurrah of the day I look for the stars.  You can’t see all that many with the lights, camera, action of Los Angeles, but they’re always a few brilliant ones who shine out no matter what.  As I stood there, making my wish last night, I got to thinking about all the people before me who’ve made wishes.  In my imagination it went a little something like this…

Abraham Lincoln: I wish for a resolution to this country divided.

Lucretia Mott: I wish to change the minds of those who think that women are second class citizens.

Led Zeppelin: We wish to take absurd amounts of drugs and make songs that people love.

George Bush: I wish to get the hell out Washington and spend the rest of my days hiking around the ranch in Texas.

Dolly Parton:  I wish that my back never breaks from having to carry the weight of my girls.

Sara: I wish that Sam would be less stressed out at work.

Kiki: I wish mom would make me steak and ham and greasy chicken for dinner instead this same old-same old crap called kibble.

In the hopes that wishes come true, don’t forget to find your star tonight.  Bundle up because it’s cold out there at night now…and then wish away!


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