Knowing By Heart

Last night was Sammy’s big birthday hurrah and I for one, had a lovely time.  As everyone was leaving a couple of my friends began talking about their day.  They’d been out and about on a bike ride and had gotten separated.  Luckily one of the two knew the other person’s phone number by heart.  What a fantastic expression – to know something by heart.  I looked all over the Internet to try and find where it came from with no success.  Thus, in the wee hours of my dreams I made my own history of its origins. 

To know something by heart began (according to me) when one person recognized another so deeply that her heart beat faster.  There was love involved and one’s heart led the way.

Example:  I recognized his smell by my heartthe contours of his face, the feel of his calloused hands.  (In my dream the ‘by heart’ was between a maiden and a blacksmith, hence the calloused hands.)

Overtime of course, the ‘by my heart’ became by heart and eventually grew to mean knowing something very well because your heart had gotten involved. 

Example:  I know this song by heart.  (Hence it’s a favorite and you listened to it so many times that your brain finally caught up and memorized it.)

Tomorrow is election day and in addition to picking up your free coffee at Starbucks and your free ice cream cone at Ben & Jerry’s, I urge you to know your heart.  When you walk, drive or bike over to your poll station (I’m assuming here that no one is apathetic enough to give up this civil liberty!!!) have your ducks in a row.  Take today to read over all of the issues, the propositions, the financial realities, the interviews, the debacles, the hopes and the dreams – and know who and what your choices are for our future by your heart

Know who you want and what you want by heart.  Know your choice by heart.  Get into that little booth and do something that makes your heart pound.  Vote by heart!


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