Move Over Bacon, Here Comes Something Leaner

I opened my computer this morning to deal with deadlines and such and what do I see but this:

Big Bucks Without Big Debt

Grace Chen,, Yahoo! HotJobs

Police Supervisor

·          The minimum requirement for police supervisors in many states is simply a high school diploma.

·           In Nassau, NY the average salary is $113,810

Registered Nurse (RN)

·          Take your pick from an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s of science degree, or a diploma program.

·          In San Jose, CA the average salary is $95,580

Computer Software Engineer

·          In 2006, eighty percent of all software engineers had at least a bachelor’s degree.

·          In Haverhill, Mass the pay for professionals in this field is $106,270

Dental Hygienist

·          At the bare minimum you’ll need an associate’s degree or certificate in dental hygiene

·          In Anacortes, Washington hygienist salaries average $97,600.

Interior Designer

·          You’ll need at least an associate’s degree.

·          Average earnings are over $50,000, but in Grand Rapids, Michigan you could make double that.



I’ve started making calls – this writing gig just doesn’t seem to be as lucrative as cleaning teeth or buying pillows.  In the meantime, I’m going to put on something slutty and walk up and down Santa Monica Blvd.  When the neighborhood cops ask me what’s what, I’m going to try to get them to take me down to the precinct for an interview.  I think this a fail-proof plan for success.  Ingenuity, people!  Listen and learn.




  The sluttiest cop (slash- prisoner, hooker, and porn queen) of them all…

 (I couldn’t resist)  Slutty, slutty, slutty!



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