Oh Agave Nectar…

Oh Agave Nectar, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…


You don’t have to be stirred in like sugar because you’re a liquid already,

Like syrup and honey your pour is always steady.

There’re no dirty spoons to wash when I use your sweet juice,

‘Cause you mix right in – in science we call this to diffuse.

And your taste’s so unique and almost molasses like,

It’d be the first thing I want on a hunger strike.

Oh Agave Nectar I’m so happy I found low-glycemic you,

You’ve changed my life through and through.

If I knew how to bake I’d use you left and right,

My brownies and cupcakes would never have been so light.

It’s hard to believe that you come from a cactus,

Getting you out must’ve taken lots of practice.

But I’m so glad that someone figured it out in the end,

I love you, Agave Nectar.  You’re my very best friend.


For delicious agave recipes please check out this wonderful blog (below photo courtesy of the chef, Deb Schiff):

Here and There and Other Healthy Recipes










Here is how one would harvest an agave plant…it’s involves a machete and annoying laughter in the background so beware!


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