Dancing for Dummies

I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to blurt it out…I take hip-hop dance classes.  Several times a week in fact.  And I’m not very good.  And I’m the only one who doesn’t have on a half-shirt that shows off her rock-hard abs.  I don’t even have rock-hard abs, half-shirt or whole-shirt.  In fact, I’m ususally wearing the least hip outfit in the class, but I don’t know where you’re supposed to buy hip hip-hop dance clothes.  Hollywood Boulevard?  And Wil (my teacher) sometimes laughs at me, but in a good way I think.

Every day we learn a whole new dance routine.  There are arm movements and leg movements, twirls and kicks and booty-shaking.  I never really get the whole dance.  At some point the teacher, Wil moves so fast that no matter how many times I try there’s just no way my feet and body can do it.  It doesn’t matter though because I’m fantastic.  That’s the truth.  I am utterly fabulous at hip-hop.  Why?  It’s not my body and it’s not my technique that’s for sure.  I’m just that good because I love it.  I’m happy.  I’m having such a great time that it doesn’t even matter that I can’t do the robot into the worm into the 18-step, complicated booty-shake, hip swirl thing. 

And that’s the point.  Who cares if we’re good at something or if we suck at it?  Who’s to say that we even suck?  Maybe we’rethe ones who are the fabulous ones and those other people are just trying to emulate us.  No joke, here’s what my classes are like…

Hip Hop Dancing

See!  It’s awesome!  Now you go out there and do something crazy too.  Do something that you’re scared to do.  That maybe you stink at.   And perhaps you’ll find that it’s so much fun you can’t believe you waited so long to try it. 




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2 responses to “Dancing for Dummies

  1. Harry

    I stink at breathing out of my nose. I think its because I have a sinus infection.

  2. m

    sara sara sara,
    there is no limit to your creativity….
    hip hop dance – I don’t know where you find the time to do all this stuff but I get tired (and jealous) of your escapades….I think you should write about the gazillion weddings you have attended in the last 5 years! better, write a book about it.
    Keep the pictures coming at the top of your blog.

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