The Roof Is On Fire

I’m back from Brooklyn and things just ain’t what they used to be.  Why?  Because when I was gone, the house next to mine CAUGHT ON FIRE!!! 

Sam and I arrived back only to notice a strong smell as we walked up the driveway.  What was that?  As we saw the charcoaled remains of debris, soot, and ashes we slowly realized that the smell was burnt – we were smelling burnt.  Here’s what happened…Jade, our neighbor went up to Sonoma for the week.  It must’ve gotten cold here one night and the heater automatically switched on.  Unfortunately, due to the hot weather we’ve been having, Jade hadn’t thought about the heater since last winter and there was a box of magazines nearby.  The box became increasingly hotter and hotter until what the firemen termed a ‘smoldering fire’ began to grow.  These fires are insidious, slowly becoming bigger and bigger without the telltale sign of flames, until it’s too late. Fortunately, a neighbor saw the smoke coming out of Jade’s windows and called the fire department.  They arrived, kicked down the door, and put out the fire.  Even more fortunate, Jade’s cat survived.

Walking home and realizing that Sam, Kiki, and I were that close to losing everything has been a sobering experience.  Sam says possessions mean nothing.  I look around our home and see irreplaceable pictures, memories, shoes…I can’t imagine starting my shoe collection over again from scratch!

So I leave you now with a word (or two) to the wise:

1) Have insurance. 

2) Enjoy your possessions.  Don’t put things away for a special occasion – just use them and enjoy them now, today, for no reason whatsoever. 

3) Find a partner who doesn’t care about possessions.  That way when you donate his ugly, leather chair that he’s had since 1905 to Goodwill, he can’t be mad.  It’s just a possession.

4) Protect your pets!!!


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  1. great suggestions and GREAT picture!

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