The News: abbreviated, hemmed, and tailored

I open the news again this morning and there’s not a single thing that makes me psyched to be living on this planet. 

• Dozens dead as Georgia launches offensive to retake province
• Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr orders most followers to disarm
• Oil drops below $117 mark deemed significant by analysts
• Bus drives off highway overpass north of Dallas, killing 13
• Bill Clinton to deliver speech at Democratic National Convention
• Harvard scientists create stem cells for ten genetic disorders
Death, warfare, money, death, politics…the Harvard scientists bit was good actually…  O-kay.  And now that that’s done let’s get on to the important stuff! 


This week on Project Runway, the contestants had to design outfits for the women of the US Summer Olympics Team.  It was hysterical.  A few of the men had never watched the Olympics and had no idea what an opening ceremony even was.  Note to self: even if your son is gay-gay-gay, sit him down to watch the Olympics!  This year’s look was designed by Ralph Lauren who did a great job.  Preppy, clean, obviously American, and I love the golf caps.  Go team!



   The Russians meanwhile, look like they might’ve gotten the wrong box of shirts. (You can click on the image to blow it up and see what I mean.)  These shirts look less like ‘I’m a bad-ass Olympian’ and more like ‘Caring Hands Senior Center Goes to Atlantic City,’ but that’s just me.


   The Netherlands look pretty dapper.


   And the Brazilians looked like well, like they’re ready to party.  I want to be Brazilian in my next life.


 Britain – Very Royal. 


  Spain – Wow, that’s a lot of red. 

P.S. Nadal, you’re totally hot, but what’s the deal with talking on the phone during the Olympics?  Isn’t that like a total no-no?


  Japan – I swear to God that these Olympians look just like a group of Japanese tourists I saw in Hollywood yesterday.  The flags are even the same and though I’m no vexillologist, I’m thinking I might’ve seen the Japanese Olympic team on Hollywood Blvd.


  Ukraine – Don’t these outfits just make you want to smile?  They’re so happy and I love the detailing. 


  Iran – Nice.


  Iraq – Nice.


  India – Nice.  (It seems like the ‘I’ countries win for nice this year.)


  Denmark – Jeans?  Really?


  Bahrain – I like the robes and that they match the flag so well.


  Uruguay – Very nice, those guys are cute.  Where were they when I was in Uruguay?   Oh yeah, probably exercising while I was plopped on a beach reading romance novels.  Hmmm.  Second note to self: When on vacation, schedule time to check-out Olympic training facilities.  Might be good place to meet single men.


  Canada – Oh, Canada.


  Cuba – Love it.  Looks lightweight and tropical, but still reminds me of a cigar.  Or a dictator.  Or a dictator with a cigar.


  Gambia – This guy is rocking it!


  Indonesia – Perfect.


  Bahamas – Look at her.  Now look at the flag.  You can’t get much better than that!  Bahamas gets my vote for matching their flag the best and it’s not like orange and turquoise are easy.


  Argentina – I don’t think I’m feeling the all-white look.  Kind of reminds me of orderlies in an insane asylum.  (Juanito, on behalf of Argentina, what’s the official word on this ‘crazy’ look?)


Paraguay, France, Jamaica…the list goes on and on, but my favorite of all is this one:     These guys seem really proud of their heritage and it makes me happy to see them in their Olympic-wear.  Don’t you just love the Olympics…so much better than death, warfare, and politics!



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2 responses to “The News: abbreviated, hemmed, and tailored

  1. nice commentary sara. personally, i though Ralph Laurens’ get-ups were a little to predicable, but hey, stick with what you know… and so many cell phones out there- as if walking in the Olympic Opening Ceremony isn’t stimulating enough! what are all those people saying, “mom, this is the coolest…”, “oh, honey, i wish you were down here with me…”??? please… i think that should be your next blog!

  2. Harry

    USA! USA! USA!

    Olympic Fever, CATCH IT!

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