August -vs- august

August – 8th month of Gregorian calendar, lasting 31 days

august – dignified and splendid


Last night I went to bed with a jack hammer drilling into my left temple.  I’ve got a vague memory of begging Sam to go buy a samurai sword.  Migraines always make me want to be headless.

“Cut it off, Sam!  One chop – straight through the neck.  I just need a few hours of sleep and then you can put it back on again.”  

“How about a sharp axe?”  Sam whispers to me in the pitch-black room as he rubs my head.  “I know where Home Depot is.”

“No, it has to be a samurai sword; it’s the only thing sharp enough.  I don’t want you hacking away at me.  No more pain.”

“Honey, I don’t know where to get a samurai sword.  And what if I bring it down and it misses and it just takes a chunk out of your scull?”

“That would look terrible.”  And then I started to cry. 


This morning I opened my eyes and the pain was finally gone.  Somewhere in the middle of the night merciful, winged angels must have hooked up a vacuum cleaner to my ear and sucked the pain right out.  I love it when they do that.  I only wish it didn’t have to be one of those Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny things where you have to be asleep for it to happen.


And so here I am, in the first week of August 2008 feeling pretty darn good…and then I got to thinking.  This is it.  This is the only August 2008 I’ll ever have.  Today is my only today – tomorrow is my only tomorrow.  (Sometimes I have these inspirational talks with myself.  Kiki loves it and is a far better audience, should she overhear me, than Sam, who just rolls his eyes and walks away.)


August is a good month – heck, it’s a great month!  School hasn’t started yet, it stays light out until after dinner time, and we’re all still showing some skin.  It’s beautiful weather as the heat begins to dissipate in preparation for fall, but the nights are still warm enough to go outside and look cute.  The trees and the flowers are alive and thriving in full regalia…it’s a month meant for smiling!  It’s a month meant for living splendidly.  So I encourage you to remember to live augustly this August.  Have dinner with friends, plan one more weekend at the beach, get outside and walk around each morning because there’s no going back.  This is your only August 2008.  Make it count!

  Living augustly in August!


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