Scotland or Bust

I think they should change the name to Edin-burrrr.  It’s cold here!  Arrived yesterday and so far the Griswald family vacation has resulted in zero casualities.  Hurrah.  The boys were up until almost 4am last night celebrating the age old tradition of the Scotish pub.  This morning was not a pretty one for those sorry souls as we  “we’re walking-we’re walking” through the city’s castles.  I’m great thanks to my finally being acclimated to the time change, but if I have another fried fish with a side of fried potatoes I might not fit on the plane. 

The tour is hysterical and as we load onto our bus with Gigi, the guide I pinch myself.  Our family vacation is like a movie.  I have little trouble imagining Will Ferrell playing me.  His hair and mine in this brisk wind would be identical.  Tomorrow we head off to the north, which means the famous St. Andrews golf course and a few (like 17) Scotch distilleries.  Wish me luck… I’ll write more when I’m not sitting in a smelly internet cafe with a loud man shouting at me.  I can’t quite get the broag <sp?>, but I think he’s saying I have 2minutes left.

Argh.  At least his knees look good in that kilt.


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