A Wedding, Parisian Style

Day Three


It’s 3am in Paris, 6pm in Los Angeles.  My body is confused and keeps going to sleep only to awaken a few hours later screaming, “What in the world are you doing in this bed?  It’s time to go out for dinner!” 


The wedding was truly something out of a movie script.  We arrived at a Château in the countryside and I was reminded of a backdrop right out of Atonement or Pride and Prejudice.  Cream and rose interspersed stones created a “home” grand enough to sleep at least fifty.  Wide windows, twice the height of a man, opened themselves to sweet breezes full of French-Moroccan music that accompanied the preparations outside.  Weathered busts set back into third story alcoves watched us navigate the cobblestone paths as they’ve watched visitors do for the centuries.  I smiled at one with a funny, little mustache and nodded my glad acceptance.  Oh yes, I’d definitely pop into this place for a party.  And what a party it was!  The bride shimmered and sparkled in a dress covered with crystals, like sunburst breaking through clouds onto the reflective surface of still water.  Masked figures performed for us as we dined on delicacies worthy of only the French.  Fireworks boomed through the night sky, illuminating the crumbling ramparts of outbuildings.  We danced until the sun came up and drank wine as Bacchus intended.  It was spectacular.


My favorite part was the people.  Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, England, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, India…the guests of these countries greeted us warmly in English, welcoming us to an International community of intellectuals who all seemed to share a robust enjoyment of life.  We joined them as they twirled and flirted through the night, drunk on the elixir of love and life and adventure.  I felt like a squirrel who had finally found a nice tree to jump up and down in for the summer.  Everyone had a story.  Everyone wanted to know hours.  Voila!  It was bon.


May I introduce the happy, beautiful couple…Sania et Ben Muirheid!












 The other couple (if we can make it through no sleep and too much fantastic food…) Sam et Sara!


  After the service Sam is by the greenhouse seeming quite large against the tiny Chateau in the background.  He is like the incredible hulk, but cuter and much better dressed.


  The actors were amazing.  Even though I had absolutely no idea what they were saying, I knew that whatever it was, it was very important…and funny.  And maybe romantic?  I had no clue. 


  The bride et groom with their men-in-waiting.


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One response to “A Wedding, Parisian Style

  1. Jeff Hardy

    Are you sure we were at the same wedding? All these nationalities at which you marvel simply translated into a nightmare of translations where even the most powerful handheld computer couldn’t come up with the different requirements on saying “hello”, let alone should one have to pose “voulez vous coucher avec moi, cest soir….” And all that french food? yes yummy if, if, if there is enough of that world famous french sauce necessary to cover up the endless varieties of meat, meat parts, meat by products and even vegtables shaped to look and taste like meat. (not that i’m against meat for any principled reason…). however, for us guys, there were certainly plenty of beautiful people to look at — hot women and deliciously gay men — depending on which way one’s winds blow or blew that night….but you are right, the fireworks were fantastic. it had been so, so long since i’d been close enough to the show to physically experience the event, literally tasting and feeling the soot falling from the sky….if only i hadn’t been wearing a rented suit with a $600 deposit, i probably could have really gotten into the spirit of things.

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