Common Courtesy

How late is too late?  15minutes?  30?  An hour?

Yesterday I went to get my fantastic new dress tailored for Paris.  I had called a day in advance, set up an appointment, and then shockingly, I kept the appointment.  The tailor on the other hand, strolled in exactly one hour later.  Perhaps 2PM was a more convenient time for her.  Or maybe she was chained to a storage unit near the airport.  I’ll never know…

Whenever I’m late I call.  Kiki has upset stomach.  An LADWP truck has blocked me in and as soon as the guy climbs out of the manhole, I’ll be at your party with the McFlurries.  This is called common courtesy.  Common: shared by two or more people.  Courtesy: polite or considerate behavior; good manners. 

Years ago in Paris, I splurged on a one of a kind white, wool day dress.  I lent it to an ex-friend of mine who needed something gorgeous to wear to a movie premier.  I was happy to help until A) It took her forever to return it…and B) she gave it back to me dirty and missing an irreplacable button.  You’re welcome?

Recently, a woman I know made plans with me to see a movie.  We sat on my sofa and purchased the tickets online…and by we, I mean I purchased them.  She just picked out where she wanted us to sit.  The next night comes and she doesn’t show.  I finally call her, which is when she tells me that she’s not feeling well and that her husband was supposed to phone me earlier and let me know.  I went to the movies alone that night…and I still have that extra ticket if anybody wants it.

And then there’s the dog guy.  His dog attacked and hurt Kiki Wonder last Easter.  He came to my home and gave me half of what the vet bill was, promising to mail me the rest in a week.  Then he returned later that day and gave me a tub of tapioca. (???)  Never saw the check, but the man calls me every few months and leaves messages about his dead grandmother.  I haven’t picked up in a year, but that doesn’t seem to penetrate old tapioca head.  I assume he really enjoys leaving weird messages.

Treat others how you would want them to treat you.  If I’m doing that, if I’m rushing to be on time, and drycleaning your dress after I borrow it, and paying for your pit bull’s surgery when my 12lb Shih Tzu/Brussels Griffon attacks him…well then, I’m going to tell you when you’re rude.  I may even show you this entry and ask you if the term ‘common curtesy’ resonates in your vocabulary…or if it’s something the hammer and I are going to need to teach you.


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